Papermaking chemicals, commonly known as papermaking auxiliaries, are a general term for various chemical agents and auxiliaries used in the papermaking process. The purpose is to improve paper quality and production efficiency, improve operating conditions, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce pollution emissions, and increase economic benefits. And developing new paper grades
"Washing different chemicals into Buri will produce different functions. This is functional fabric. Papermaking is like weaving. For example, if paper has color, add dye, and if it is whiter, add fluorescent brightener. If you want paper to be more water-resistant, you need to add water-repellent agent. For example, toilet paper should let him absorb moisture. When it is produced, it can't break the paper. At this time, it is necessary to add wet strength agent to increase the pulling force. But if you want to throw water into the water, If you want to be able to melt, then you need to add a temporary wet strength agent. I hope that there is any function to add the chemical agent of the function to the fiber of the paper." Just like the potions on Harry Potter, use various medicines to cast magic.